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Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life

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    All the energy spent on worrying, fear, preparation, planning, recovery, and rebuilding in order to protect life and objects. My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling because of this. The obstacles and challenges in life are an integral part of the journey itself and are needed in order to force us to grow in our awareness, our love, our wisdom and our power. The observation of these recent events led to a feeling inside my heart. This sensation, once fully clothed with empathy, compassion, and the gentle guide of wisdom gives rise to inspiration in the form of a single thought... the concept of ownership.

    The post Liberate Awareness from Ownership appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    I love how Kris handled this situation. First of all, she set clear limits that were easy to follow (no dessert). She was able to involve the whole family, which not only makes it easier for her to stay on track, but also improves the health of her loved ones. She substituted non-food rewards as a way to practice self-love. And she also allowed for select special occasions, like parties, when she and her family could choose to have sweets.

    The post How to Set your Holiday Table for Joy Rather than with Shame and Guilt appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    In this week’s Real Love Revolution episode, I’m talking to all my sensitive folks – the empaths, the highly sensitive people and codependents, about drawing boundaries and why it’s so difficult for you to do so. Being in tune with other people’s feelings, desires and wants, creates an even greater challenge when trying to create clean, clear boundaries.

    The post How to Draw Boundaries for Empaths appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    What is fascinating (and rather sad) about us humans sometimes is that the closer to what we truly want gets, the more we attempt to push it away. Obviously, this is not a conscious thing we do, the saboteur is very sneaky…yet powerful. And the reason we sabotage is because we have not fully healed the core issues and misunderstandings around love and worthiness.

    The post Do You Believe in Second Chances? appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    The Four Tendencies framework isn't meant to be a label that confines us, but rather a spotlight that can illuminate hidden patterns in our natures. When we know the right buttons to push, it's much easier and simpler to make positive change.

    The post Trying to Quit Smoking–or Trying to Help Someone Else? Create Your Personalized Plan. appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    When we communicate, it’s not just what we say and how we say it – but how we HEAR each other.

    The post What Do Thoughts Have to Do With It?  appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    As a fat woman, I know all about naysayers. I only have to walk around in my large, roll-covered body to get the message loud and clear that my body size is not okay. From the sideways looks from strangers in the street, the concerns family members have about my “health,” the clothing stores where a “plus-size” section is a pitiful couple of racks hidden in the back corner, to the magazine covers touting shame-filled “before” pictures that look a lot like me, you’d have to be completely oblivious to miss the message.

    The post Dissent Can Make Us Fat Girls Stronger appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    We all want to raise kids who know how to work hard to create what they want in the world. Nobody wants to raise a child who thinks the world owes him, who feels like he’s entitled to take whatever he wants. But Kara (who made the comment above) is right. We also DO want to raise a child who feels deserving of the blessings of abundance—spiritual, emotional, and yes, physical—and the rich life that should be the birthright of every child. How do we raise a child who feels deserving – but not “entitled”?

    The post How to Give Your Child a Rich Life–Without Raising Entitled Kids appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    Do you remember when you grew up and you wanted to become a fire fighter, musician or maybe a professional athlete? A passion you wanted to pursue because you loved doing it. However, once you grew older you were told that this profession wouldn’t get you anywhere because it is just not a career and doesn’t earn you enough money to start a family and buy a house. Thus, you settled for a job you are not passionate about but with a solid paycheck and a promising career track.

    The post How to Successfully Quit Your Job and Pursue Your Dream appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    As you grow up and look more closely at your life, you naturally begin to question the status quo. If you are anything like me, you read countless books about how to “help” yourself, how to become more of who you truly are. Here is the important part: You may embrace new ideas, but do you really change? Do you feel differently, think differently and act differently?

    The post An Invitation to Live Life as You Were Meant To appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    Everyone is striving to be happy. Most of us have been taught to suppress such so-called “negative” emotions and avoid pain. However, is that even possible? At least for me, I know it doesn’t work. However, I found a way to stop identifying myself with my emotions, knowing that they are transitory. I learned to witness them with no judgment, instead of labeling myself through my feelings.

    The post What Helps Me Cope with Difficult Emotions appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    “Obviously, I don’t want to learn how to be a sniper,” I said, “but what I really want to talk about is peak performance.” Both of Brandon’s books talk about this. Especially his section on “mental management.” I wanted to learn what tools and habits I need to do today to make myself a master of my own fate. That’s essentially what this show is about… becoming the master of your own fate. “Choosing yourself.”

    The post Becoming The Master Of Your Own Fate appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    Every “image” I had of my “ideal” life has been interrupted, derailed, splattered on the road to this sometimes way too f-cking complicated, patience-of-Job, deeply deep and BEAUTIFUL life that I find myself in. CORRECTION: I didn’t “find” myself here. I made choices to be here — right where I am. One choice at a time. Every time you choose to go for a “feeling” instead of an “image”, you’re making a courageous choice.

    The post Did You Get Interrupted on the Way To “Ideal”? appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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    It doesn't matter what you do for a living in or where you work - everyone is looking for productivity tips to get more done. Everyone is looking for ways to get their jobs done faster, easier, with fewer headaches. But, what if I told you that true productivity doesn't just come down to making a task list and checking things off when you finish. It takes more than that. True productivity lies not only in how you manage your time - but in how you manage your mind.

    The post 5 Unorthodox Productivity Tips to Get More Done appeared first on Positively Positive!!.

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